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Juru’s identity platform can only work if the system is bulletproof. Our entire software stack is built with this in mind. Safety first, speed and scalability second.

To guarantee 100% tamper-proof data we write a hash of all critical transactions to the blockchain. Members of the Juru Foundation each run a node of the blockchain, and are in consensus that the data a person has entered or shared is indeed correct.


The Juru Foundation also provides a distributed data-store that allows an individual to store military-grade encrypted attribute-values in our data vault.

Our organisation can never access the data, only the owner can. If the owner of the data wishes to share some of his personal information with another party, our API allows him to do just that. Members of the Juru Foundation all run a part of this distributed data vault.

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The binary proof you deliver or store that can be used to provide an attestation can be requested by a third party for verification, or to store a local copy on their side.

If the customer grants access to the document, you can define your own price for sharing a copy of your data. Like issuing a copy of a property valuation, a customer loyalty history or a safety certificate.


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