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Juru wins One World Identity's KNOW Identity 2018 startup competition

One World Identity organised #KNOWIdentity2018 in Washington D.C. in March 2018. Juru was selected by a professional jury as the best startup pitch, rated on social impact, scalability and innovation. Check for more details

Posted 2018-03-28
Jo Vercammen Dimitri Verhelst GDPR Pitch Contest Winner

Juru wins Innovate Finance Global Summit 2018 startup competition blockchain track.

Innovate Finance organised #IFGS2018 in London. The event is mainly aimed at the Financial Sector. A summary of the event can be found here. Juru was selected as the best startup pitch for blockchain.

Posted 2018-04-11
Dimitri Verhelst Jo Vercammen Identity Pitch Contest Winner

Dimitri Verhelst talks about Identity and personal data at Vlerick Business School.

Vlerick is a renowned post-grad management eductation that aims specifically at Fintech Entrepreneurs. During a Fintech Bootcamp Dimitri was invited to talk about the disruption blockchain will bring and the value of personal data.

Posted 2018-04-04
Dimitri Verhelst GDPR Identity

London School of Economics hosts a panel debate about Decentralised Disruption.

LSE, the world's leading dedicated social science institution, has hosted a panel discussion for it's alumni "Decentralised Disruption - Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts". Dimitri was one for the four panelists.

Posted 2018-04-04
Dimitri Verhelst GDPR Identity

Juru was selected as the technology provider for Antwerp's Digipolis "Privacy Engine".

The "Privacy Engine" aims to be an open platform that allows the city of Antwerp to be GDPR compliant, and to provide this tool in their ecosystem. NSX and Juru have teamed up to build a bespoke solution that covers the complex needs of a city with it's many residents, tourists and employees sharing their personal data with the many subsidiaries of the city.

Posted 2018-12-04

Juru was selected as the technology provider for Antwerp's Digipolis "Business Roles Engine".

The "Business Roles Engine" provides the City of Antwerp with an innovative, self-sovereign way of managing teams and business roles in their open ACPaaS IT landsscape. Juru and NSX have teamed up to build a bespoke solution that allows self-managing teams to be identified, and to grant them access to various city applications based on a dynamic rule-set.

Posted 2018-01-02
Juru API Mandates

B-Hive's Fin & Tonic March edition talks about GDPR, real cases are presented.

As the GDPR deadline approaches, more and more companies start worrying about their approach. B-Hive has organised an event focussing specifically on the GDPR issues, and how they were resolved by several companies. Dimitri Verhelst explains how their technology was used in the implementation for the City of Antwerp's GDPR engine.

Posted 2018-03-22
Dimitri Verhelst Identity GDPR

Juru enters the KBC Start-it accelerator program.

KBC Start it is the accelerator programme of KBC Group in Belgium. We are happy to be accepted among the list of great startups that came out of this accelerator previously.

Posted 2018-03-01
Dimitri Verhelst Identity

Hive's second meetup in Brussels presents valuable blockchain use-cases.

Hive has organised an event for blockchain enthousiasts, building the Hive as a community of people, developers and companies. Dimitri talks about the importance of Privacy in a digital world.

Posted 2018-01-13
Dimitri Verhelst Identity Mandates

Globchain brings innovation to the world of supply chain, and invites partners to talk about their impact.

Globis NV has organised its first Globchain event, linking the ecosystem of their partners to their customers in the supplychain business and their end-customers. Karel van den Bergh, CEO of Globis, focusses on scaling through partnerships. Juru is invited to talk about their identification network that provides a usable identity for all actors in the supplychain for e.g. the port of Antwerp.

Posted 2018-11-21
Dimitri Verhelst Identity Mandates

De Tijd, a Belgian renowned economical newspaper, mentions Juru as a challenger for Identity on Blockchain.

De Tijd publishes an article about KBC (Belgian Bank) and their call for innovation. Juru is one of the two startups that is mentioned in the article.

Posted 2018-12-11
Dimitri Verhelst Identity Press

Juru is talking about identity onFintech Connect Live.

Jo Vercammen talks about his experience with identity issues, and expains a future where you manage your own identity and personal data, using platforms such as Juru.

Posted 2018-12-06
Jo Vercammen Identity Pitch Contest Winner publishes an interview with Juru.

Our interview is picked up in the Netherlands by

Posted 2018-08-10 20:47:04
Dimitri Verhelst Identity Press publishes an interview with Juru.

Dimitri was interviewed by Datanews about the contribution Juru is making in the creation of a new economical model, where digital identification plays an important part. Read the full article here.

Posted 2018-08-08
Dimitri Verhelst Identity Press