Commercial Service

If you wish to provide a better way for your customers to share their personal data with you, we offer a really simple way to integrate our self-sovereign identity into your platform. Our API is free to use up to 1.000 connected attributes, so you can get started in development immediately and free of charge.

  • No Vendor Lock-In: Our platform is open, feel free to experiment! Should any questions arise, drop us a note?
  • Pay what you use: Check out our price calculator. The first 1000 attributes are free! Sign up for our beta to get started today.
  • Get Help: We have an extensive network of partners that can help you integrate our API and become GDPR compliant.


The Juru API is our core product. Use our API to access all main features of our identity platform:

  • Claims: Read data of an ID you have access to, set data if you create new attributes.
  • Attestations: Provide and query attestations for attributes.
  • Proof: Upload or Download binaries that are shared with you.
  • Manage Mandates: Add and query relations, switch profiles.
  • Sharing: Request access to attributes and revoke access.
  • Tokenization: Issue or request access to a tokenized attribute.

Pricing table


Basic Plan

  • 1.000 Attributes
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Regular Plan

  • 10.000 Attributes
  • First 1.000 Attributes free
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Premium Plan

  • 100.000 Attributes
  • First 1.000 Attributes free
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Epic Plan

  • + 100.000 Attributes
  • First 1.000 Attributes free
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