Juru - Identity Unchained

Identity Unchained

[juru]: u-r-u / you are you

Juru is an open platform for your online identity.

Juru facilitates your daily life by centralising all your documents and activities in a blockchain,
allowing you to share what you want, with whom you want, at any given time.  

One app to manage privacy and sharing.

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Your Digital Identity

Own it. Manage it. Control it.

Own your identity

Self-sovereign identity puts you 100% in control of your identity and data.

Manage your reputation

Establish a digital reputation with verified claims, and select what you want to disclose to others.

Take control

Login without passwords, sign transactions, manage tokens with secure cryptography TouchID.

Trustworthy Partners

Your data is stored in a private permissioned blockchain. Powered by notaries and the government, your data is safe.

Paperless workflow

Add your files and official documents to Juru, and have access to them anytime, anywhere.

Privacy & Security

Our platform is GDPR compliant. Juru provides a secure way to store your files and respects your privacy even when sharing.

The system is broken

What do we have to fix?

Fragmented Identity.

Complete identity and reputation is fragmented by hundreds of
digital service providers that own your data

Centralized Servers.

Malicious individuals are incentivized to hack large centralized servers
containing millions of user emails and passwords

Recycled Passwords.

Users recycle emails and passwords across many digital properties,
which exposes their identity to a large-scale compromise

Unfriendly Encryption.

Everyday users find the experience of cryptographic key management too complicated,
cumbersome, and risky

Juru Core


Twofold definition of who you are:

Identity and Reputation


Juru allows you to store your official identifying documents, and other personal files in an immutable and secure blockchain hosted by the Juru Foundation.  You can then use Juru to identify your self to connected services like banks, websites and workplaces.  

Every time you use your Juru to identify yourself, your identity rating increases, building you an impossible to forge identity online.  

You can share this proof of identity with any other Juru user (an individual or a company) or deny further access.  You are in total control of your identity.


Building your Identity is just one aspect of your online presence.  You want to be able to prove your trustworthiness in a number of ways.  

A rating or review can be given to each transaction where you provide your reputation, in this way you will build a cross-sector reliability, that you can then share selectively with third parties.

This allows you to get better insurance rates, easily start at an online marketplace or can give you a starting point of trust for crowdfunding projects.

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