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We enable you to...

own your identity

At Juru we believe you should be in total control of your digital footprint. Manage your own identity, declare your own personal attributes (e-mail, bloodtype, curriculum vitae, …)

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manage your trust

Since we allow you to claim your own identity, we allow you to prove your claims, and get support for your claims in our eco-system. If others people and companies can vouch for your claims, you will build an identity that everyone around the world can trust in.

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control your privacy

Share only what you want. You are in full control of your privacy, and you can reveal only what is absolutely necessary. Why would show your ID to enter a bar, when all they need to know is the fact you are of legal age ?

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Why? Because the system is broken

Fragmented identities

Complete identity and reputation is fragmented by hundreds of digital service providers that own your data.

Recycled passwords

Users recycle emails and passwords across many digital properties, which exposes their identity to a large-scale compromis.

Centralized servers

Malicious individuals are incetivized to hack large centralized servers containing millions of user emails and passwords.

Unfriendly encryption

Everyday users find the experience of cryptographic key management too complicated, cumbersome, and risky.

How does it work?

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No password or username needed, just a correct email address and we will send you a secure link to automatically log in.


Our platform is GDPR compliant. Juru provides a secure way to store your files and respects your privacy even when sharing.

Trustworthy partners

Your data is stored in a private permissioned blockchain. Powered by notaries and the government, your data is safe.

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